How to Heal your Hair


Horse shampoo, deep conditioning with aloe vera, honey and a sock.  I’ve heard many “REVIVE your hair!” stories such as these, but you only need to follow 5 healthy hair habits to make sure your mane never falls flat.

Lavishly lather

Whether you think so or not, the type of shampoo you use really does have an effect on your hair’s overall brilliance and shine.  A shampoo that is high in sodium laureth sulfate (what makes shampoo bubble up and get all foamy!) actually leeches moisture from your hair, drying it out.  Look for gentle cleansers or a formula that strengthens hair in addition to cleansing it.  And if you find that your hair doesn’t get greasy every day, skip a wash.  You can’t get better than your own body’s natural treatment!

Condition in moderation

Just as overly shampooing can suck the life from your locks, not conditioning hair can leave it frizzy, dry and looking processed.  Whether your hair is fine or frazzled, using a deep conditioner helps keep your hairs resilient to the environment, styling strategies and simple wear and tear.  New nontraditional conditioners such as sprays and lotions that you can use between shampoos are great for replenishing dry hair.

Play it up selectively

Blasting your hair with a blow-dryer, smoothing it flat with a straightener or curling it up with an iron give your hair style and personality and is a fantastic way to express yourself.  However, if you fry your hair on a daily basis you will start to notice more hair-loss, less shine and a stunt in growth.  If you must use heat on your hair, first apply a heat-resistant styling product, or if you prefer to go au natural, do so!  It will give you more time when getting ready and give your scalp a rest from all that rub and tug!

Be gentle

No matter what you do to your hair: color, treat, highlight, bleach, dye, straighten or perm, do it lightly.  Repeatedly treating your whole head of hair instead of just the roots, where it is needed or consistently applying chemicals risks damage to the hair follicles and the tender skin of your head and around your face.  Think of your healthy hair as empty closets, closed by sturdy doors.  Every time you chemically treat your hair, you are opening the door a little bit, piling things in so deep the door won’t close.  Those unclosed doors: split ends, weakened strands and fly-aways.

Cut ties

If you see those doors flying open, it’s time for a trim.  I am completely guilty of going way too long between haircuts, simply because I love my long hair and hate to see it go, even if it’s just an inch or two.  However, a little snip-snip is worth it.  Split ends only continue to travel up the hair shaft, creating more damage.  As hair grows from the roots, regular cuts won’t make it grow faster, but it will make it look healthier.

My favorite quick fix is to slather on conditioner, but only on the length of my hair, not at the roots.  I find only shampooing my roots and conditioning my ends leaves my hair light and shiny and it doesn’t dirty as quickly.  What’s yours?